Charity Work

When my first marriage broke down, I nearly became homeless due to monetary difficulties. However, the Royal College of Nursing benevolent fund which provides financial assistance to current and former nurses, midwives and healthcare assistants, helped me to come back into my feet by providing me with a grand. One day I made myself a promise that I was going to repay it. 

I started my fundraising efforts in 2015 and since then Lucy and I Together so far we have raised over £30,000 for various charities.


In 2015 I decided to run the Nottingham Marathon and raise money for the Mary Seacole Appeal.



2015 I came across a charity called Cavell Nurses Trust. Cavell Nurses' Trust is named after British nurse Edith Cavell who is celebrated for saving soldiers' lives on both sides in World War I. 

Because she helped 200 Allied soldiers reach freedom from German-occupied Belgium, Edith was arrested, found guilty of treason and sentenced to death on 12 October 1915. 

Today Cavell Nurses' Trust supports nurses, midwives, healthcare assistants and students in the UK who are going through financial or personal difficulties. 

The Trust supports beneficiaries through tough times that can include illness, domestic abuse, disability, working poverty or older age. That was the moment I had been waiting for and decided to start fundraising for them and help other nurses in hardship to not leave the profession. Since then I have been fundraising for them every year.

2016 In 20116 I ran the Liverpool marathon with a twist. I ran while being live on twitter at the same time. I did the 1st world #Tweetathon.



In 2017 I decided to Hop around Rother Valley Country Park on a Space Hopper: I called it " The Big Hop". You can still find it on Social Media using #TheBigHop.



In 2018 I decided to Climb Snowdonia with another twist. I changed my costume 10 times. You can still find it on Social media using #10Kostumes. Unfortunately we couldn't reach the summit due a massive storm but it didn't stop me from using my 10 costumes.


In 2019 I went back to Snowdonia trying to reach the summit. This year my son Luke came with me.  This time we finished what we couldn't do the previous year and successfully reached the Summit.



In 2020 I had a big challenge planned but I got struck by COVID just 4 days before it was due to happen. With a quick change of plans I decided to do 10,000 steps from my bedroom where I was quarantined. The challenge was broadcasted live on Twitter and people were able to interact and for a small donation were able to choose the music I was listening to while doing the challenge around my bedroom.



Then in 2021 after 18 months of lock down and pandemic I was diagnosed with PTSD. As part of my treatment I decided to start running. Some people do couch to 5km but I like to do things my way and I decided to run a marathon dressed as a pint of beer instead and try to beat a Guinness World Record.

You can follow all action of my odyssey on Social Media using #Pint4Cavell.
I managed to crossed the finish line but unfortunately not fast enough to beat the Guinness World Record.



In 2022 my partner Lucy Price convinced me to try again to become the fastest pint on earth but this time I decided to fundraise for our local Hospice as Cavell Trust did not have a place at London Marathon. 

You can follow our journey on social media using #Pint4Ashagte.

My epic attempt to become world champion got featured on the BBC not once but twice.

On 2nd of October 2022 I managed against all odds to become a world Champion and beat the Guinness World Record as the fastest Pint to complete a Marathon. Lucy was pacing me. I become the fastest pint of the Universe. 



In 2023 we went BIG. We did not just one challenge. We did 3!!

1.- On 23 April Lucy succeeded in becoming the fastest woman to complete a marathon dressed as a Xmas Cracker at the London Marathon. This time the roles were reversed and I was the one pacing Lucy making sure that she crossed the finish line and beat the Guinness World Record. 

2.- 14th Of May we ran the Rob Burrows Leeds Marathon both of us dressed as a Xmas Crackers.

3.- And on the 24th June we became the first couple to complete the tough Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge dressed as a Xmas Crackers.

This year we fundraised for 2 charities close to our hearts: Ashgate Hospice & Cavell Nurses' Trust.

You can follow our journey on Social Media at #WeRCrackers.


The 3-2-1 Challenge

In 2024 we will push our limits even further.

We are going BIG into the unknown. We will be doing the #The321Challenge:

-The 3 National Peaks in 24h dressed as a Xmas Crackers on 3rd and 4th August.
-2 Big Marathons: Chicago Marathon on 13th October & New York Marathon on 5th November.
-1 Ultramarathon: Spire Ultra on Saturday 11th May.

Lucy will be fundraising for Ashgate Hospice while I will be fundraising for Cavell Charity.

You can follow our journey and all preparation on Social Media from 1st January 2024 using #The321Challenge & #WeRCrackers.



More to be announce in October 2024