Welcome to my official website

Hello, my name is Joan Pons Laplana. I was born in Barcelona in 1975, and graduated as a nurse in 1997. 

After three years of trying to find a stable job as a nurse in Spain, I decided to pursue my dream of working in the UK. I landed in Luton on Bonfire night with £50 in my pocket and a suitcase full of dreams.

I am one of the thousands of overseas nurses who settled in Great Britain in search of professional stability that they could not find in their own country. It has been more than twenty years since I joined the NHS.

I currently live in Chesterfield (United Kingdom) together with my wonderful partner Lucy, my 3 children (at weekends). 

In my spare time I am a an activist and a stubborn fighter who does not give up the hope of achieving a better world for everyone. 

I am also a runner and the current Guinness World Record Holder as the fastest man to complete a marathon dressed as a pint of beer.

I have also just published my first book.

Detiny and Hope

My new book has been publish by Letra Minuscula and it's available on Amazon. You can buy a copy from Amazon by going to the store section on my website. But I you want a signed copy you can order one by clicking at the links below: